Would you like to commission an original painting of a beloved pet or your favourite wildlife?

I can work with you to create an original portrait of your cherished pet or wildlife you love using watercolour paint and archival ink.


6 x 8"
10 x 12"
12 x 16"
16 x 20" £620 £760 £850

The sizes above are standard but I can do different sizes and ratios (square/rectangular) and I can offer larger artwork with more subjects in each portrait. Get in touch using the contact form below if you'd like to discuss this further.


Ideally, you will need a high quality photograph of your portrait subject so I can better capture the most detail within the artwork. Natural daylight is the best lighting for the photo, a photo taken inside and near a window would work well. Identifying features such as eyes, ears and nose should be visible.​

Natalie's golden retriever sitting for a portrait photo to use for painting reference.

If you're struggling to take a clear photo, I can advise taking multiple pictures to find the best one(s). I recommend holding your pet's favourite toy or treat behind the camera to keep their focus. By changing how high/low/far you hold their treat/toy can help you find a preferable portrait position. You'd be more than welcome to email me several photos of your pet and choose the best one.

    What if my pet has passed away?

    Several of my previous commissions are of pets who have sadly passed away. If this is the case with your pet then send me whatever photos you have and I will do my best to capture your their likeness.


    Once you've chosen your portrait size and reference photo, it is time to book! If you haven't done so already, contact me via the contact form below or send me an email and we can discuss the details of your portrait.

    Your commission isn't booked until the 50% (non-refundable) deposit is paid. Depending on your preference, I can email you photos of your commission in progress or you can request to leave it as a surprise.

    The time it takes for me to complete a portrait differs depending on the size and number of subjects. I also exhibit my work across various shows and I sell my work in gift shops and galleries across the UK which can limit my painting availability. If you have a deadline as to when you need the portrait, then please let me know in advance so I can take this into account.

    Once you are 100% happy with the final painting, the remaining 50% payment can be made and I will package your portrait and send it to you. UK tracked and signed for delivery is included in your commission fee but there will be an additional delivery charge for orders being sent overseas.

    Please contact me with your:

    • portrait size & subject quantity
    • reference photo(s) ready

    via my email at or using the contact form below.